• The average cost of an Irish wedding continues to increase annually, but not by much.
  • This increase in spending refers to areas such as photography and videography as well as entertainment such as music and/or DJs, but spending has decreased on venue, dress, décor, etc.chelseachris-wedding-01
  • 20% of all engagements occur in December, the highest percentage of all engagements, and January, as it turns out, is the least popular.
  • These engagements are becoming shorter and shorter, with most only lasting one year to 18 months before the actual wedding occurs.
  • Non traditionally, over 25% of couples live together or have lived together for over 5 years prior to actually getting married.
  • It is more popular to get married in scenic and outdoor venues than in a church. (18% host their weddings in country manors)
  • The cost per head on the wedding meal is between €41 and €60.
  • The average number of attendees to the meal and the wedding is between 100 ad 150.
  • The number of couples who opt for wedding insurance is decreasing annually, perhaps an indication of buyer confidence, or ignorance.

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