• Religious Significance of Rangoli

    Religious Significance of Rangoli

    Every act or ceremony that is done around the time of a special day or festival day has a religious significance. The same is also true of the custom of creating colorful rangoli patterns. The first merely physical reason is easy to decipher — the beautification of the house or […]

  • Rangoli Outside of India

    Rangoli Outside of India

    Rangoli is so inspiring and well known that it really should come as no surprise that this ancient and powerful form of art influenced the so called western world; and the causes of this phenomenon can be found in the ever growing number of Indians traveling or migrating to other […]

  • Financing your Wedding

    Financing your Wedding

    The average cost of an Irish wedding continues to increase annually, but not by much. This increase in spending refers to areas such as photography and videography as well as entertainment such as music and/or DJs, but spending has decreased on venue, dress, décor, etc. 20% of all engagements occur […]

  • Aspects of Drawing Rangoli Designs

    Aspects of Drawing Rangoli Designs

    Rangoli designs can be broadly categorized into dry and wet designs, based on the elements that go into their making. Before starting, the area where the design is to be drawn is thoroughly washed with water so that no sand or dirt remains. The design can be drawn when the […]

  • Rangoli in Middle India

    Rangoli in Middle India

    The drawing of Rangoli designs has different interpretations and significance all across India, where this art form is widely practiced. In the state of Maharastra, it is called Sanskar Bharti. In this state the location of the design is usually on the front door of the house and not on […]

  • Essential Elements of Rangoli

    Essential Elements of Rangoli

    The single biggest element in Rangoli is the concept of Utswdhermita. This is a set of auspicious symbols that lie at the heart of most Rangoli designs. These symbols are often very family-centric and are carefully passed down through the generations, making it a part of a family legacy. Two of […]

  • Rangoli Styles From Kerala

    Rangoli Styles From Kerala

    Kerala the State in the southern-most tip of India is also called ‘God’s own country.’ It has earned this term because of its pristine natural beauty, scenic coastlands and abundance of fruit and vegetation. ‘Onam’ or the harvest festival is the biggest festival celebrated by the citizens of this state. […]

  • A Brief Introduction to the art of Rangoli

    A Brief Introduction to the art of Rangoli

    Rangoli as an art form has its origin in India. In this form of artistic expression, simple or intricate patterns are drawn by hand. The patterns are drawn on the floor in a room of a house, or out on the road or in the courtyard. Rangoli is known by […]